I have decided to use election signs and here’s why

There has been some discussion, over the course of this campaign, regarding the use of election signs. 

A small number of candidates, including some in Lakeside, have decided not to use election signs. There was a highly reported story about Jim Neill, a four term councillor, who decided not to use them for the first time this year.

Two articles regarding that decision are attached below and you will note that the experts that were consulted recommend the use of election signs.

I believe election signs are a very valuable resource for a candidate seeking election for the first time. It is important for new candidates to get their name out there. Residents need to have information about who their candidates are and what they stand for and lawn signs are an important means of providing people with the names of the candidates they should be researching.

My website information is listed on every sign I put up and that directs residents to vital information about me, my experience and qualifications and the platform I am running on.

In addition to directing people to information about candidates, election signs generate a buzz about the coming election. They help to engage people in the election. They generate discussion among neighbours and help ignite the process everyone goes through toward a final decision on the candidate of their choice.

Finally, the signs are only here for a very short period. I guarantee that my signs will all be removed the day after the election, that they will not be placed in areas where traffic and pedestrian sight lines will be impaired and that they will be recyclable..

Thank you for you support and I encourage you to review the rest of this website for information about my candidacy. Don’t forget to mark your calendar — vote on October 22!

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