Lower speed limits coming this month
in Westwoods and Strathcona Park
and soon in Lakeside

On the recommendations of the School Pedestrian Safety Working Group which I chair, the City is reducing vehicle speed limits to 40km/h in two pilot areas—Westwoods and Strathcona Park. Community Safety Zones are also planned to be introduced at all schools in Kingston.

Westwoods is the area of the city bounded by Princess Street, Collins Bay Road, Taylor Kidd Blvd and Bayridge Drive. Strathcona is bounded by John Counter Blvd, Sir John A MacDonald Blvd, Portsmouth Ave. and Princess Street.

These neighbourhood areas have new gateway speed limit signage installed at all entry and exit points to and from the bordering main roads. This signage includes ‘AREA’ and ‘BEGINS’ or ‘ENDS’ tabs below the posted speed limit. The existing speed limits on main roadways bordering the designated area are not affected.

Reducing vehicle speeds improves safety for all road users. Neighbourhood Area Speed Limits can help set consistent expectations for motorists across a community, encouraging careful and cautious driving through the area.

Community Safety Zones also help to reinforce safe and attentive driving, especially in school areas where families may be walking or cycling to school.

Read this more detailed post on the City of Kingston website.