The Marvels of Lakeside Living

We are beginning to see a re-investment into Lakeside District that was overdue. Roads are getting paved. We have new active transportation routes such as the paths along Henderson and the ones coming along Bayridge, Days and Front. New bus shelters are helping people to make better use of the excellent transit service to which we have access and which helps us to do our part to address Kingston’s share of greenhouse gas emissions. Wastewater and groundwater infrastructure are being upgraded among several projects underway in Lakeside.

I have lived in Lakeside for most of my life. When I first moved here from Ottawa, I was 16 and Lakeside looked a lot different (in typical Kingston fashion I still live on the same street!). There was no Lakeshore Blvd. along Lake Ontario, there was no Bayridge Dr. or West Park. Much has changed in the intervening years, but much has also stayed the same. It is still a wonderful place to grow up and to raise children.

We are blessed with so much. We have the most magnificent waterfront in the entire City. We have great parks and trails, outstanding schools and mature leafy neighbourhoods. We are able to access so many outstanding local businesses and restaurants and they in turn can count on our support.

Its easy to be overlooked when you are a small suburb in a growing City. In my time on Council, I have gotten to know the many people in this community who are making sure that in its deliberations Council does not forget about places like Lakeside. These folks provide a valuable service to us all. What is also important is that each of us takes some time to consider our blessings. It’s easy to get lost in all the noise but Lakeside provides all of us with an oasis of tranquility in a world that often seems overwrought.

I am very glad that my parents made the decision to come here in 1975 and I am even more grateful that Catherine and I were able to raise our children in this wonderful part of our great City. Fall has arrived – and this really is the best time to be a Lakesider!