Thumbs up for all that  has been accomplished in the City of Kingston in the past four years

Some examples of the important work that has taken place, or is ongoing, include:

  • Rapid progress on the third crossing which is just one of several large infrastructure. You can follow the progress of the Third Crossing at this website
  • significant progress on reducing the City’s portion of GHG emissions
  • creating three times the number of affordable housing units that were originally budgeted for
  • road rehabilitation that continues at a very steady pace with 74 kilometres of road repairs having been completed in 2021
  • improvements in pedestrian and active transportation safety and the development of school safety zones
  • business support programs that were substantially enhanced during the pandemic
  • a new downtown arts walk
  • more support to ensure food security
  • a huge increase in film production – which has become a burgeoning industry here in Kingston
  • substantial increase in housing starts which has improved our vacancy rate
  • addressing the inconsistency around planning, zoning and development rules resulting from amalgamation.

This is just some of the work that has been accomplished during the pandemic and I want to extend my thanks to the incredible capacity of our City’s staff.

Of course, we here in Lakeside have also benefited from projects specific to our area including improved walkways, road reconstruction, the Henderson Blvd. active transportation route which will eventually connect to a larger route that will include Bayridge Dr and Days Rd, improved intersection lighting, safety enhancements such as the lighted crosswalks and school safety zone and park improvements.